Article Builder Review – One Click Solution to Create Unique And Quality Content Online

At 50% Discount and with cool bonuses

Article Builder is the latest tool for creating quality articles which is made by Jonathan Leger.This is really most advanced and sophisticated content creation tool available right now.Article Builder is one click solution for all the internet marketer who needs to create content for their blogs and for SEO purpose.Read this complete article builder review and solve the content creation problem forever.

Article Builder- High Quality and Unique Online Article Generator Tool

Creator – Jonathan Leger

Focus – Automate Content Creation


At 50% Discount Price

I can create video by myself but Jonathan has created in depth article builder video overview that tells what article builder actually do. You can watch this video .

You can have much better understanding of how the article builder works and helps you to automate the content creation after watching video.

Article builder




Why Article Builder is the best solutions for Internet Marketers ?

Unique quality content creation is the biggest problem for online internet marketer.There are some solutions  for this problem.

(1)You can outsource the content.The main problem in outsourcing is the cost.The second problem is that you have to depend on someone so you have to search for the right guy , hire them and it waste lots of time, energy and of course money.Your can put your efforts on the SEO stuff and your keywords can easily rank high.

(2)You can write the content by yourself.But it takes lot of time and many of the marketers has not good written skills so writing content is big problem for them.

(3)You can use private lable rights articles.I never like to use private label rights articles since lots of people use the same articles and it is really hard to rank on google using private label rights articles.

As an alternative , If you use the article builder , you can be free from all this problems and get the things done fast ,your article will be rank on google and make good money by adsense or selling product as an affiliate.Since content is the king but now you can get the content in just two clicks.

Advance Features Of Article Builder 

Request Topic 

People are working on different niches so they need the content according to their niches.Article builder , itself has huge database of the content according to niches.But there are chance that you need the article of your sub-niche and that content does not exist in article builder database.The solution of this is REQUEST FEATURE of article builder.All you need to request and it shall be fulfilled.

Pass Copyscape 

This is the no.1 priority for all the internet marketer to pass copyscape content.Article builder has amazing features and all their articles are pass copyscape.So you get unique content in the eyes of google and can rank high on search engines.

Project Save

You can save your project for future reference.So whenever you need the past details or update the content , all you have to click on the jobs saved button and ready to use your past projects.

How Article Builder Can Make You Fast Money?

Content is the most basic need in internet marketing.Article builder can create instant content for you.If you want to have 5000 visitors to your site,you can target 20-25 long tail keywords of your niche.As content is not an issue for you, you can easily create fast webpage.

If your adsense CTR is 10%  and CPC is  $1 , you can make 500 dollars (5000 visitors*10% CTR= 500 clicks ) and (500 click * $1CPC = $ 500)  per month from one blog passively.

Off course , this is random number to understand the big picture and power of the article builder in your business.You can use for your affiliate sites also , since you get the content and it is qualitative,unique and fast.Use this awesome software to grow your business and make unlimited amount of cash.You need to invest $ 297 at upfront to use article builder, but trust me you will get an ATM machine for your online business that can generate massive cash for you.

How I Am Going To Use Article Builder ?

  1. (1)I am going to use the article builder for the content generation tool for my different sites.Article builder is giving me unique copyscape passed content and content can be read by humans ,so it is not created some spun version useless content.This is really good content which you can post on your site.

(2)I am going to use the content to post articles on diffent article directories and web 2.0 properties.I do senuke x cr or even do some time manually.Without article builder i can not grow my online business.If you want to make passive income , article builder is the only way to solve your content creation problem.

My content creation problem is solved by using article builder.How about you?Use this awesome tool for your internet business and make fast cash online.

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